Facebook was launched in 2004,and has over 2.1 billion daily active users globally which is growing very fast. People has embraced this social networking site and happily using it because of the things it offers us.

There are a lot of businesses getting engaged for Facebook maketing. They are making mostly out of social media specially Facebook, to promote their brands, services and expand their business. Placing ads on Facebook helps business to have more valid and potential contacts and customers. Even making a Facebook page which can feature more products also helps in growing a business up.

So, like any other thing in the world which has both the sides- advantages and disadvantages, Facebook Ads are not exceptional too.There are always some things to consider, plan and study in advertising your business.So,we will be discussing about some advantages and disadvantages of Facebook ads that can also do as marketing tips in the online world.


Advantages of Facebook ads


1. Facebook has a lot of users

All you need in your business is customers and the people online are all your valid and potential customers. You also need some contacts to make your business grow bigger. So placing ads is like presenting an advertisement to a huge crowd. People from students to workers,old to young are using it. It is an easy way of handing them your business.


2. Facebook Ads are cheaper and longer

These ads are much cheaper according to many internet makers. Not only cheaper but offers a longer texts which can help a lot in introducing your business to valid and potential customers.


3. The advantage of Newsfeed and Friend’s activity

You can watch and know most of your friend’s activity with the help of newsfeed. If someone clicks your ad,liked it, commented about that,it will appear in their friend’s newsfeed so it is like exposing your ads double.


4. Client Filtering

One of the good things that most of the marketing tips online are suggesting is to maximize its feature that enables to set a particular target client based on age.So, if you are having a brand that have particular target audience then Facebook ads are apt for you. Apart
from filtering clients on age basis, you can also target on the basis of location that is the place where they live, called local awareness advertisements.Through this filtering feature you can target audience according to your need within or near the area of your business.


5. Chances of Being Viral

Facebook has been serving as a home viral photos, videos, posts and even ads. When people think that your ad is interesting they like it, comment about it and even share it. So if you think that have unique ideas and a creative mind you should contact a management team and place your ads.


Disadvantages of Facebook ads


1.It can be difficult in catching people’s attraction

People in Facebook are busy with their own stuffs-communicating with friends, looking pictures and videos and updating their own profile.So, it can be skipped by the busy users if your advertisement seems to be dull and not catchy.So, if you are planning to run Facebook ads, you should know it requires a lot of creativity.


2. Negative Comments Everywhere

If a customer tried your products or services and experienced something bad or didn’t like it he can right away comment on your ad. And there are hundreds of other customers reading comments for research so if they read those comments, it can affect your sales.You must
be always ready to handle these negative feedback and this should not affect your credibility as a service or product provider.


3. Competitions Everywhere

As Facebook has lot of users number of ads are also more which are increasing day by day.So, you must know that the competition is tight.There are times when you have launched a new ad and there will be ads from your competitors as well, the same what you have on your Facebook page. Duplications of your content in your page by others can be done easily.


4. Facebook marketing requires a lot of time and resources

Maintaining Facebook ads and pages requires a lot of time, resources, energy and patience. You need to do a lot of promotion to earn likes and followers, it cannot be done overnight. And mos of all there are lot of people running ads everyday.So, you should think properly before investing in Facebook ads that you must produce some effective campaigns.


Thus to conclude, everything in this world has cons and pros.That is why we should think and study before doing anything.You should study some marketing tips so that will help your business grow through Facebook advertisements. For more marketing tips contact
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