1. Leverage the Existing Traffic to your Site

It is advisable to have a website for almost every business as it will stand as an identity to your customers where they will buy your products or learn about your services. You can easily leverage the existing traffic by putting social media icons on your site which can be seen and clicked and this will be direct links to your Facebook page and other social media pages you have.


2. Use your E-mail Signature to display your fan page URL

If e-mail is one of the ways you are using to reach your customers using your e-mail signature to display your fan page URL will be effective.Having your social media pages URL beneath your e-mail messages will make your recipient see it easily and make them click it which may convert into traffic.


3. Send out E-mail Blast

The first thing you should acquire is letting people know that you are on Facebook. Sending E-mail blast is the best way to do. Few of the great e-mail marketing tools are MailChimp and AWeber. The Science of Email Marketing 2012, stated that morning e-mails get high CTR.So, sending e-mails for conversions in the mornings should be a thing to consider.


4. Promote Facebook Page In-store

Promoting your Facebook page and other social media accounts is just another way to let your customers know that you are on Facebook. And just another thing to remember is that not only putting your efforts on Facebook marketing online, you should also do it offline.


5. Determining the best day to Post

Facebook pages have an interesting feature that is the insights.By going to your Posts Insights, you will be able to see the average time when your fans are online.

In case you are wanting to schedule more number of posts you can easily check their best hours when they are online and accordingly schedule your posts.You can access your Posts Insights by following the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook Page.
  • You will see “See Insights” above your Page, click it
  • You will see your Insights overview from there, find the Posts tab and click it.
  • Hover your mouse on the day you want your post to be scheduled and you will able to see the best hours that your fans are online.


6. Create and schedule your Status Updates

On an average about 2.1 billion people are using Facebook globally which is increasing day by day.And this billion users can be your potential customers.If you want to use Facebook to maximum advantage, you need to post contents for your target audience with consistency. Your goals should be either to educate, to entertain, or to empower them.

There are also some Facebook posting statistics that you might want to consider when creating your status updates:

Posts with emoticons are likely to get more liked, commented and shared than posts without emoticons.
Question posts are likely to get more comments (source: HubSpot).

Scheduling Your Facebook Status Updates:

Facebook has a built-in feature that allows you to schedule a post to appear on your page later.


7. Use the Facebook Plugins

If you integrate Facebook plugins on your website, it will give you more advantage on branding awareness and followers increase on Facebook. For blogs or websites with sidebars, you may want to use the Facebook Like Box or Like Button.

For your website pages and blog posts, it is best to use the Like Button, although you can use them both! You may want to consider doing experiments on what’s the best Facebook plug-in for your website.


8. Use Facebook Ads

If you are a start-up or having a small business investing in Facebook ads will give your business a lift.Facebook Ads are not as expensive as most of the business owners think but once you have tried and tested it can have a great impact on your followers and on your business as well. Consistent experiments are necessary.

Facebook ads help you create your campaign depending on the results you want to gain:

  • Facebook Page Engagement— Ads that boost your posts and increase likes, comments, shares, video plays, and photo views
  • Facebook Page Likes— Ads to build your audience on Facebook
    Clicks to Website— Ads to encourage people to visit your website
  • Website Conversions— Ads to promote specific actions for people to take on your website; you’ll need a conversion tracking pixel to measure your results
  • App Installs— Ads to encourage people to install your app
  • App Engagement— Ads that get more activity on your app
  • Event Responses— Ads to promote your event
  • Offer Claims— Ads to promote offers you created; you’ll need to use an offer you’ve created on Facebook or create a new one

The setup for each ad varies depending on what results you want to see. Below are few things you might want to consider when you set up your ads:

  • Target your desired audience (gender, age, locations). If you use Google Analytics display tracking, you can use the data from there and use it for retargeting.
  • Use an engaging picture if you’re planning to use Facebook ads for your page or external pages.
  • Use an easy-to-answer or an engaging ads description.


9. Create Facebook Contest

People love free contest and free stuffs. Doing a Facebook contest and will give you more engagement scores and activity. You can do this in ways like suppose u sell products you might want to give one of your products as a prize or if you are doing any service any of your service can be used as prize.If you want to do like this make sure everybody is engaging themselves in it and never forget about promoting it.


10. Use the “@ feature” in Facebook

Using the @ feature for Facebook will let your fans feel that they are important and are part of your business page. The Facebook @ feature will let you tag people or even other Facebook pages.

By using Facebook @ feature whenever your fans appreciate or ask something about your business because it can build a fruitful relationship and loyalty between your business and your customers.


11. Developing a Facebook Customized Page Tabs or Apps

If you want to offer something exclusive to your fans then a Custom page/Tab is a great thing for you.It allows new visitors to see details of your events, contest, opt-in forms, or deals, which can help you gain more fans and likes.


12. Integrate Social Media Sharing

Integrating social media sharing buttons on your website makes it easy for your visitors and customers to share your website pages.Once a person shared your content through Facebook and other social media sites, their friends can easily see those links on their Facebook profile and news feed possibly making it viral which will help you to get more traffic.


13. Engage with your Facebook Community

The more you engage yourself in talking and communicating with your community the more you can build a relationship which can be strong, reliable and trustworthy.And the most exciting part about this is that it can turn your community into possible leads.


14. Engage with Other Facebook pages

You can find out those Facebook pages where your customers hang out and can accordingly engage with other Facebook pages using your account.Your comment will serve as a link toward your page that can lead to an additional like or following.


15. Use Images and Videos for Your Content Updates

People love images and videos; they can also be seen easily on Facebook News Feed, which makes them easy to engage with.

Hot Facebook Marketing Tip:
You might want to put a call-to-action text with shortened links on each of your photo descriptions toward your website to gain traffic. The favorite resource for this is Bitly.


16. Create or Join Facebook Groups

There are three types of Facebook groups: open, closed and secret. They are-

Open Group- Anyone can see the group, who’s in it, and what members post.Open groups are mainly used to build awareness, authority, and interest in your brand. This is the best group if you want to establish yourself as an expert and to network with others in your industry. The main focus that you should do on open groups is not selling but rather participation and interactions.

Closed Group- Anyone can see the group and who’s in it. Only members see posts. Closed groups are best to use for customer support purposes.

Secret Group-  Only members see the group, who’s in it, and what members post.Secret members-only groups are great for higher-level discussions that need confidentiality.



Thus to conclude, Facebook marketing and any other social media marketing campaign should be done step-by-step until you build the relationship you wished to have. There should be more Facebook marketing ideas out there, but the above mentioned points will give your Facebook business a big lift.

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