Domain Registration

Immense Software offer domain registration services to its customers for many years. We offer the lowest cost domain. We bet no other domain registrar can offer such a price. If you want to enjoy an affordable domain name registration service provider, then contact immediately.

Once you choose us as your registrar, we will be able to transfer your domain name, renew it when necessary and keep it protected and secure.

Domain Name Transfer

Immense Software helps its customers to transfer the domain name based on very easy and simple terms. You are not required to undergo any risk in the domain transfer. During the transaction process, if for some reason the transfer fails, we will refund immediately transfer amount on the customer’s account. On transfer, we take care of the domain name so that it does not have to undergo any change after.

Renew your domain name

Once you register the domain name, it remains valid for a specified period. You can renew the domain after expiration of the validity date. We care to remind customers by e-mail about the renewal date. You can also visit the expiration date by visiting the “my domains” section, under the panel. We charge a nominal fee for the renewal process.

If you have already registered your domain name with any other organization, immediately transfer to STI and benefit from our domain registration services at a much lower cost.

Name the security field

Most businesses are suffering because of piracy of their domain names. We understand that maintaining the originality and make sure that the name is protected through our solutions like domain locking change-notify, and so on. We also help you keep the domain name secure by providing passwords. You can lock the domain control panel and thus prevent conflict with domain transfer ethics.


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