Though we are currently working on wrapping up some of our projects and got us thinking about some website updates we need to implement. Although  these updates are not unique but might be helpful to create a list of website maintenance tips.

1. WordPress 5.0

Most of our websites are built in WordPress. It is one of the most popular content management systems and they’re about to release one of their biggest software updates in years. WordPress 5.0 has been released already and offers a “streamlined editing experience” for its users that enables more flexibility with how content is displayed,if you are new in website making,renovating blogs.The new update also comes with the new Gutenberg editor, which puts each piece of content into its own distinct block.

Throughout this month, we’re running through our clients’ websites to ensure that the new update won’t affect any of their plugins. Most of our clients won’t be affected by this, but it’s still important to check into your website for any major software updates.If you are using WordPress to support your website, you will want to ensure that your plugins and back-end is not going to be affected negatively by this new update.

2. End of PHP 7.0 And Below

PHP is a programming language and different versions have been released through the years.The table on the website says, active support for PHP 5.6 will end on December 31, 2018. So What does this mean? It means testing and updating your PHP version. Not every hosting environment will force you to update your PHP version, it’s a good idea to stay on top of big software updates for both reasons that is security and longevity of your site.

3.Proofread your Content

Reviewing your meta information and ensuring that your website is properly connected to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Check for any major errors and get them fixed.

4. Create a Content calender

Having a calendar helps to keep your team on track. Add things like major events (such as trade shows or annual meetings) and come up with related content around those events.You can include blog posts,social media posts etc in content.

5. Your Website should be Mobile-Responsive

The days of having responsive websites being “nice-to-have” are gone. More people  are using their mobile devices and tablets to browse the web and your website should be mobile-friendly.If your Website is not quick to load on mobile, then it can have a bad effect like being demoted on search results. Even Google also recently changed their algorithm this year to prioritize FAST mobile-friendly websites over slower websites.So it is very important to have a mobile responsive website.

6. Clean up your Website Comments

It is very important to keep our websites clean and clear out any spam.The first reason you’d want to do this is that it can slow down your server/website if you have too many comments clogging it up. This won’t happen for a few hundred comments, but if you haven’t cleaned up your website comments this entire year and have thousands, you should clean them.

It is great time to review your website and make changes to help you be more successful.  Contact Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd. for such further information.

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