If you want to increase your website rank on Google search engine, then content is the main weapon to do that. You have to write your website content in good way that search engine can understand better. Search engine friendly content is simple content that are written for your targeted audience. Everyone trying to rank higher and come up on the Google search result and get more traffic, they even don???t know how to get this. You have to put right content in your website to get best search engine optimization. Few simple tips and tricks are given below that could help you to write content and also helps you to rank higher in local search engine.


  • You have to put quality content in your website.
  • Provide a reason to people to spend more time in your website for reading content.
  • Always trying to write content focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrases.
  • Your content should be good and unique.
  • You have to add helpful new fresh content regularly that could help to improve your ranking.
  • your content should have relevancy to your website in the eyes of the search engines.
  • Always trying to use blog to your website because search engine spider likes fresh text content.
  • Always put your location in your text or title. i.e.- instead of simple saying ???website design company???, you should say ???website design company in kolkata???. That will help you to get found in local search engine.
  • Keyword density is one of the most important thing. Always trying to use your keywords not more than 2% or 3% in your content.
  • Do not try to stuff your text with keywords.
  • Always use Keyword relevancy.


  • Always use your main keyword on page title of every pages.
  • Use your company name or household name in end of title tag because business name will get few searches.
  • Focus on search phrases rather than keywords.
  • Always use single keyword or phrases in a page.


  • Always build quality backlinks of your website.
  • Use keywords or phrases in your anchor text.
  • Always check do follow and no follow backlinks
  • Post your site links in high PR sites.

You have to show your local address and phone number to get local traffic. Request to your customers to leave a review of your business on local/ social platform.

If you follow above tips regarding content writing, then you will write better content for your website and your webpage rank higher in search engines. SEO not just about engine, its also about your site better for your customers.


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