A business website is collection of multiple webpages in a single domain. Now a day every business owner has built website for their business to promote worldwide. It???s helps to grow up your business in various way. A business website consists with about us, services or products, contact us and many more subpages. Visitor can find your all services or products information from your website easily, that can help to understand better about your business to visitors.

But the main question is ???how will people know about our website????. There are lots of way to promote your website on internet. But social media platform is one of the best way among them. Business owners has connected their website in various social media platform for business growth.

Most usages social networking sites are given below with its advantages: –


Facebook is the best social networking platform to promote your business. Because a large number of people are using Facebook every day. If you promote your business on Facebook, then you will get lots of visitor for your business website. You can create a Facebook pages for your business and also can customize this page according to your needs. You can update information about your business, upload photos, get customers review and likes, post videos, create product or services page with details in your page that can help you to attracted customers. You can post and share your all business updates in Facebook page that could help you to engaged with your customers, also can post your business website link in your Facebook page to post and share information and also get a backlink to your website.

Facebook has own Advertisement services. So you can promote your business with Facebook Ads and its really effective. Every business owner tries to get best return of investment (ROI) so Facebook is a best social networking platform where they can get best return of their investment.


As like Facebook, Twitter is also a big social networking platform and you can use this platform for your business promotion. In Facebook, there have no limitation to write any post but Twitter has some limitations like you can use only 140 character per post. For that reason, every business owner posts their website links to Twitter and this way they can divert more traffic to their website.

Twitter has lots of utility but most business owner are using Twitter for giving an update to their follower or friends. Every business owner is using Twitter as marketing strategy tools and they got huge benefits form it. Like Facebook you can share information from other website in Twitter.


??Business owners are mostly using Facebook, Twitter for generating their business leads but LinkedIn is quite different from them, for that reason LinkedIn has millions of members. Most people are using LinkedIn because they can connect with others for business-related reason. They are looking for vendors, job prospect to dynamically increase their network in LinkedIn.

Business owner are using LinkedIn to do market research, they can pull their audiences via it, can quality analysis of their opinion on new product ideas, what they like about your brand, your current opinion and where you need some more improvements etc.

You can hire talented employee easily for your business in LinkedIn. Because of their advanced search tool, people can find experts employees.

If you want to increase your business, then you have to know that what your competitor is doing for their business. In LinkedIn you can get all activities about your competitor.

You also build your business reviews in LinkedIn. Because review is most important from customer angle. A good review of your business show authority and relevance in eyes of your customers.


Pinterest is one of the best social networking platform where you can drive most of traffic to your websites. Every business owner mostly like Pinterest to promote their business. Visitors from Pinterest are mostly convert faster into leads or sales than from another social site. In Pinterest every pin includes a link so it makes easy to get back a source link to your website.

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