Introduction of Jewellery Software (Manufacture)

Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd. has provide best Jewellery Software in Kolkata with GST for Jewellery Manufacturer. Generally, jewelers maintaining their customers and karigars accounts manually. So, its takes lots of time to maintain all accounts and also has chance to do mistakes which may lose their business. In jewelry business (Manufacture), there have lots of stage to make any ornaments. It???s not possible to maintain all the stage manually. Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd. Has developed this Jewellery software system for their business and everyone can easily maintain their business using this software.??

Take An Overview

What is Benefit of Having Jewellery Software?

In Jewellery Software, there have lots of benefit like: –

  • Can properly understand current situation of your Business.
  • Can get easily Cash Profit & Gold Profit statement of your Business.
  • Can easily manage Jewellery Stock according to Set/Pcs/Weight/Design wise.
  • Can easily manage Karigar account and Karigar Stock.
  • Can easily maintain Purity Wise Making Charge and Westage.
  • Can easily maintain Showroom Management.
  • Easy to handle & Fast to Operate with Accuracy.
  • Can maintain Manufacture unit easily.
  • Can use barcode system to fast billing.
  • Can submit GST Return yourself.
  • Can track stock history (Item wise).
  • Can track customers/supplier due.
  • Can track how much gold you have to booked daily against Sale Order to avoid loss.
  • Can track Sale Order current position.
  • Can manage Karigar rank to know karigar quality.
  • Can track karigar pending job.

Why Choose Us?

Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd has lots of experience in Jewellery Business over 3 yrs. and we has developed best jewellery software in kolkata with GST for jewellery manufacture. In this time period we have learn lots of things regarding Jewellery Business. We understand which types of problem jewelers are facing and how it solves using our Jewellery Software.

  • We have Good knowledge of Jewellery Business (Manufacture/ Whole sell/ Retail).
  • Can understand actual problem of Jewellery business and able to solve it.
  • Rate cross check facility in purchase Invoice.
  • Operator wise activity statement.
  • You can start your billing from first day.
  • All accounting statement are available. Eg- Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss etc.
  • Can get real profit & loss of your business.
  • Not only Cash Profit, you can also view Gold Profit.
  • Invoice export facility in Excel.
  • 100% accurate & reliable.
  • Our Software is User friendly & easy to understand.
  • Anyone can operate our software themselves. You don???t need to appoint any person to operate it.
  • Our online support.
  • Onsite software training.
  • 24x7 Video tutorial training support.

All Features

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FAQ on Jewellery Software (Manufacture)

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