Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd. always provides excellent low price website design service in kolkata. We have been providing best web design solutions to our valuable customers with lots of experiences. We always give professional looking and technically strong web design and development services to our customers. Our experience website designers always design simple that user can understand and navigates easily, our design loading fast so user can access it so fast. We use latest version of all software that could help us to give better design solutions to our customers.

Why Choose Us?


Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd. has over 5 yrs. of experience in Website Design Service. In this time period we have learned lot of things regarding website design and always try to build best website design for our valuable client. Below some point makes us different from others company in website design services: –

  • An Experienced Web Design Service Company
  • Affordable Costing
  • Good Support
  • Innovator

What Type of Website You Need?

Our Business Website Design Pricing:-


We always maintain strategic user flow and good website structure to create website that will convert your visitor into customer.Suitable for business like Education, Real Estate, Travel tourism, B2B, Restaurants, Agencies, Gym, Salon, Music, NGO , Medical and more.

Our eCommerce Website Design Pricing:-


Now-a-days everyone can start an online store and sell their products online. If you have amazing eCommerce product then you have great opportunity to sell it online at a reasonable price and minimum time-period.Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced eCommerce website development company in Kolkata who not only develop best eCommerce website but also guide you in a proper direction.

Our Website Design Process


  • Collecting information from client
  • Drawing a structure of design into a page depending on requirements and type of business
  • Making an estimated time period to deliver
  • Maintaining site color combination depending on the business category and also client’s needs
  • Providing best website design service,we divide all the tasks into pages and its features
  • Checking very carefully that pages are smoothly accessible or not ,having any broken links or not
  • Our website design structure is combined and user-friendly so user can access all information easily
  • Maintaining very high quality optimized coding,W3C verified, responsive and SEO friendly design
  • Maintaining HTML sitemap to server that could help to improve Search Engine ranking of our website
  • Optimizing HTML into three different sections i.e.Header,Footer and Body ,so any developer can easily understand it or modify or implement it with another technology
  • Before putting a site on server we check very carefully that website URL is SEO friendly or not,image contains ALT tag or not,meta title,meta keywords and meta description is existing or not in page etc
  • If we maintain these things then our website gets best SEO rank on Search Engine and you can reduce your advertisement costs

Website Maintenance/ Redesign


Once website is live and finally delivered to client it enters into maintenance phase. A website requires maintenance time by time because it needs to be kept upto date. After some time, there may be a need to change some banner design, graphic design etc., if there will have arises any bug then fix those bugs when appear. Our every website is easy to update or maintenance because we use best coding procedure to develop our website in good way and anybody can upgrade it in future.

Features of our Package


  • Our website design charges are one time. We do not have any annual maintenance charges.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly Website.
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop friendly design with fast loading.
  • Extra feature can be added any time at an additional cost.
  • Any minor changes done by use will be free of cost. i.e. image change, text correction etc.
  • Secure website.
  • Made Written contract with project details before start website design.
  • Made unlimited modification before approval of the design.
  • Life time free support for website if it has been hosted at our server.
  • There is no hidden charges.
  • SSL (https) available at an additional cost.
  • Website content writer available here.
  • Logo designer available here.

Terms & Conditions


  • You have to pay 50% of the project value in advance to made order and balance amount you have to paid after complete this project.
  • You have to provide all website content like company logo, images, banner, raw text etc.
  • All website content you have to send to us via email and raw text format should be in MS-Word, MS-Excel or Notepad format and all images should be in .JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF format.
  • Website design task will be complete within 2 weeks from the date of receiving full contents from you.

FAQ on Website Design Service

Which document we have to provide you?

You have to provide us, digital photo/image and website content.

Is Domain & Hosting registration mandatory with your website design & development package?

No. You can purchase your domain & hosting from any others.

Can i upgrade my website by any other developer, after developing by you?

Yes! You can. Because we will provide all credential of your website control panel.

Can i add extra features any time?

Yes! you can add extra features any time. There is an extra cost for the extra features.

After completion of a website, for how many days will you give us free support?

We will give you life time free technical support if your website is hosted in our server. Because maximum problems are arise from server & we have to full access to it. If your server will hosted in our server then we can solve any problem.

Do you have any Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for website design services?

No. We don’t have any annual maintenance charges.

How to secure my website?

we always try to secure your website using our good experience. we use url rewrite rule using htaccess. double layer security on admin folder. server layer security and script level security. for uploading file, check file typer from server level, password encrypted to encrypted mode to protect from sql injection.

Is our information safe?

Yes! off course. We don’t share any clients information to anyone.

How long 50% discount scheme available?

This is a limited time offer.It maybe pulled off anytime,even today or tomorrow.

Will I get good website service?

We are not just website creator rather we are also a complete digital marketing company.we not only create beautiful,mobile-responsive and fast loading websites, but at the same time we make sure that your website users go through strategic flow and they get exact clarity about your business without any confusion

Which technology is used for website?

We use WordPress for our own website and recommend the same to our client. WordPress is the best CMS in the world and majority of our sites are built on WordPress.We also use HTML file and CSS.

Will I get a notification when a form is filled by a user?

Yes,on each form submitted on your website,you will get Email notifications with the details filled in form(like name, mobile number etc)

Does it include Domain and Hosting?

Its completely your decision from where you want to buy domain and hosting.We don???t provide domain or hosting in above plans.We also provide Domain and Hosting service,if you want then you can purchase it from us.

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