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  • Direct cash deposit or cheque deposit or fund transfer at the following bank account.
  • Cheque or demand draft by post

Deposit Cash or cheque to the following account in your nearest SBI Bank Branch or ATM.You can also pay via Online fund transfer with the following details

The Customer can send account payee cheque or demand draft in favour of Immense Software IT Pvt. Ltd.Your order will be processed after your cheque or DD is encashed. Please send a mail to us after remitting the payment. Your order will be processed immediately.



Bank Name: key2 AXIS BANK LTD.

Account Holder: get link IMMENSE SOFTWARE IT PVT. LTD.

Account No.: follow 918020026608307

Account Type: CURRENT



Please send an email (info@immensesoftware.com) after transaction through netbanking. Mention the date, amount, name of the bank and attach screenshot of transaction.

Please send an email (info@immensesoftware.com) after sending the cheque or DD. Mention the date, amount, name of the bank and cheque or DD number. Donot send cheque or DD by ordinary post.

Please send an email (info@immensesoftware.com) after cash deposit (in case).Mention time, date, bank branch.

Please feel free to call us at key +91 7479114988 if you face any problem.

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